Women in Australia:
Stories of Courage

Short plays about women's courage and struggles for identity and independence.

Presented as part of the Sydney Fringe 2018.

Photograph of the artist Cynthia Turner's mosaic tribute to Louisa Lawson, located in Marrickville, NSW, Australia.

Image: Margaret Fitzgerald


Nurse Peggy

Written and directed by Margaret Fitzgerald.

notorious convict transported for life in 1801 is determined to return to England a free woman.

Pictured L-R: Deirdre Campbell as Peggy, Melinda Latsos as Mrs Fulton. Not pictured: Boronia Clark as Tilly.



Written by Colleen Henry and directed by Maggy Franklin.

A Hunter Valley, NSW, school teacher in the 1870s struggles for her independence.

Pictured L-R: Geoff Cordner as Thomas, Colleen Henry as Julia, Rowena McNicol as Eliza. 


There's Always Blessings

Written by Elizabeth Routledge and directed by Victoria Rowland.

The story of a pioneer family in Bellingen, NSW.

Pictured: Elizabeth Routledge as Mary Brownlee. 


Do Ability Divas

Devised by Holly Craig, Uma Kali Shakti and Madeleine Stewart, directed by Uma Kali Shakti.

The question is not how we live with our disabilities - but how do we live with yours? A celebration of resilience and courage.

Pictured L-R: Uma Kali Shakti, Madeleine Stewart, Holly Craig. 
Image credit: Daniel Stewart. 


Island Journey

Written and directed by Uma Kali Shakti.

How do we gain closure? This is one woman's attempt.

Pictured: Veena Sudarshan. Image credit: Uma Kali Shakti. 

Coming to Dinner

Written by Elaine Laforteza and directed by Meili Bookluck.

Not only is dinner served, family secrets between a Filipino-Australian mother and son are revealed.

Pictured L-R: Martin Sta.Ana as Carlos, Kim Shazell as Dora, Happy Feraren as Lettie.

Got You

Written by Kel Vance and directed by Katharine Babatzanis.

Two long-time friends face their biggest challenge.

Pictured L-R: Dominique Purdue as Naz, Hope Disher as Deb.

Louisa, The Dawn and the Vote

Written and directed by Margaret Fitzgerald.

Louisa Lawson leads the campaign for voting rights for women in NSW.

Pictured L-R: Donna Randall as Louisa, Ria Yudasin as Miss Scott. Not pictured: Russell Godwin as Henry Lawson, Martin Sta.Ana, Kim Shazell, Happy Feraren.


Collision at a Bus Stop

Written and directed by Ria Yudasin.

The human face of cultural and racial differences.

Pictured L-R: Derya Thunderbolt as Samar, Tino Iheme as Adejola, Ria Yudasin as Lida. Image credit: Denise Thunderbolt.