Women in Australia: Stories of Courage, 2018

Pictured L-R: Russell Godwin as Henry Lawson, Donna Randall as Louisa Lawson, Ria Yudasin as Miss Scott in Louisa, The Dawn and the Vote.


The Lady in the Barracks, 2017.

Pictured L-R (Back): Simone Neviani as Private De Lucca, Luke Thornley as Dr D'arcy Wentworth, Leof Kingsford-Smith as Governor William Bligh, Mark Power as Lt Colonel G Johnston, Cormac James as Lieutenant J Finucane, Daniel Gaughan as Drummer and Soldier. L-R (Front): Claudette Clarke as Mrs Susan Palmer, Genevieve Helson as Mary Putland, Jess Turner as Anabel.  Image credit: Sharlene Zeederberg.

Our productions

Peach Productions focuses on productions for the stage as an accessible medium for women writers and directors to find their voices and tell their stories.


Bringing productions to the stage provides women with critical experience in all facets of the performing arts industry, regardless of budget, scale or location.


Writing, directing, technical and stage management, costume and set design, promotion and front of house are all part of the Peach Productions collaborative experience.


Our productions:

- Women in Australia: Stories of Courage (WIASOC),  featured in Sydney Fringe 2018

- The Lady in the Barracks, featured in Sydney Fringe 2017.

Read our reviews:

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New productions for stage are in the works, check back regularly for news.